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We created Wazu to help you browse thousands of products from the biggest industry vendors and compare prices – all in one place. Wazu will save you time and money!

Finding the best deals on dental products has never been easier!

  • -  With the click of a button, find great deals on thousands of products from your favorite vendors
  • -  Save time so you can get back to the things that really matter
  • -  Search for what you want, when you want

How Wazu Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Wazu?

Don’t be fooled by the name … we know there is an obvious image that comes to mind. But if you ask us, the answer is simple: Wazu is a dental supply website that is not like any other.

Our site offers you an efficient platform to find what you want — at the prices you want — with just a click of a button. Using our price comparison model, you have the power to decide which product suits your needs and bottom line.

Q. How does Wazu work?

Simply choose the dental products you want from our extensive inventory and place your order.Your order and payment will be processed and the products delivered to your doorstep by the vendor. And when it comes to replenishing your supplies, Wazu makes it easy. We’ll keep you order details on file so that future orders will only take the click of a button.

Q. Why should I sign up for Wazu?

Wazu will save you time and money. Period. Finding the best deals on the products you want has never been easier. Sign up and instantly begin browsing thousands of products and prices across today’s biggest industry vendors.

Vendors can also take advantage of Wazu. Stay ahead of the game by using our site to compare your pricing against your competitors.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a question about a purchase?

Purchase orders will be sent to your vendor sales rep, who will be able to answer your questions.

Q. What is the return policy?

Return policies will vary depending on the individual vendor. If you need to change your order or resolve an issue, the sales rep for each vendor will help you.

Q. What is included in the price displayed?

Wazu shows you the product price. Shipping and handling fees, as well as any applicable taxes, will be added at checkout.

Q. Does Wazu ship internationally?

At the moment, the vendors on Wazu only ship within the United States.

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